Create a new Channel

Channels have restrictions in their naming. The regex responsible for validation can be located in Admin > General > UTF8

To create a new channel

You can set the name of that channel, choose if the channel is public or private, set the channel to read-only, broadcast the channel, and invite users.

Read- Only Channels

In Read-Only Channels, messages can only be sent by users with write permissions. All users can react to messages on this channel. Read-Only Channels are most suitable for announcements and voting.

Encrypted Channels

In Encrypted Channels, messages will be end-to-end encrypted. For more information, see End to End Encryption.

Broadcasted Channels

Broadcasted Channels behave like read-only channels, with only users with the right permission being able to post there. The differences to a read-only channel are:
  • Users without permission (the same one to post on read-only channels) inside this channel won't be able to see each other in the user list.
  • Users without permission won't be able to react to messages.
  • Every message contains a reply button that redirects the user to a direct message with the user that posted the message.
  • This channel cannot be converted to a read-only or open channel again.
Hit Create and your new channel is created.