Create a new Direct Message 1:1
Direct messages between you and another user
You can create a direct message(DM) to another user on the same sever to communicate and share files privately.
1 on 1 direct messages exist between just two users and no other user can join.
You can start a direct message with other users from anywhere when you open their profile and click on the Direct Message button.

Creating Direct Message from Top Menu

To create a direct message from the top menu:
  • Click on the create icon on the menu and select Direct Message
  • You are then prompted to select the user you wish to open the message with. Select the user and hit Create
  • A new channel of direct communication is opened with the user and you can now communicate privately.

Creating a Direct Message from a Channel or Team

Say you are in the same team, channel, discussion or thread with other users and you want to open a direct 1:1 message with someone, you can do that following these steps.
  • Click on the users icon by the top right of the said channel and a list of all the users is seen
  • Click on the user you want to open a message with them and their profile is opened. Click on the Direct Message icon below their profile and a direct message is opened.