Create a new Discussion
Discussions can be created tied to a particular channel or team.
All discussions created, are linked to a particular team or channel.

Creating Discussion from Top Menu

To create a new discussion, click on the create icon on the menu and select Discussion:
Next fill in the required information and hit Create

Creating Discussion from a Message

You can also create a discussion from a message sent in a team or channel.
To do that, click on the menu icon by the right of the message and select Start a Discussion
A popup is shown with some information prefilled, complete the info and hit Create
  • Parent channel or group: Lets you specify which channel or team the discussion should be created under.
  • Encrypted: When set to true, the discussion is encrypted.
  • Discussion name: What to name the discussion e.g meeting-preparation. The discussion name is also visible in the parent team or channel.
  • Invite Users: lets you select users you want to be added to the discussion upon creating.
  • Your message: When specified, the message is seen as the first message in the newly created discussion.
  • Create: Hit create to create the new discussion when all the info has been confirmed.
Your new discussion is created and ready for use.
When a discussion is created, anyone from that channel or team can see that a discussion was started and choose whether or not to join.