Member List of a Discussion
You can view the list of members in a discussion by clicking on the people icon by the top tight of the discussion when it is open.
See more options regarding members in a discussion in this section.


Here you can see all the users on the discussion and see more information about them. If you have the proper permission, you can manage them on your channel.
At first, the list only shows currently active users. To see all users, click the show all.
To see more information on a user, click their name on the list.
The user preview screen shows their name, username, any role tags they might have, and their current timezone. From there, you can:
  • Start a direct conversation with the user by clicking the conversation option
  • Start a video call with the user
  • Set the user as channel owner
  • Set the user as a channel's moderator
  • Mute the user
  • Remove the user from the channel
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