Video Conferencing User's Guide
In Rocket.Chat start video and audio conferences using Jitsi Meet.
This feature must be enabled by the server's administrator. See Setting up video conferencing.

Start a Jitsi meet

To start a Jitsi meet:
Go to the channel or user that you want to start a video conference. Access the channel actions menu and then select Video Chat. A Jitsi meet starts in a new tab or through the Jitsi app on mobile.
Note: If you can't see the Video Chat option on the channel actions menu, please contact your system admin, since video conferencing can be allowed only on private channels or on all channels depending on the server configuration.
Other users can join the meeting using the Click to Join! an option that sends to the channel or user.

Screen Sharing

To share your screen during a Jitsi meet, select Share Screen. Choose what browser, desktop, or tab you want to share in the conference.
To end a screen share, click End share.
To use screen share in Chrome, install this extension.
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