Deploying Rocket.Chat on Digital Ocean

You can now install Rocket.Chat on DigitalOcean using a 1-Click install from the DigitalOcean Marketplace.


After you create your 1-Click install using the Rocket.Chat app in DigitalOcean Marketplace, you'll likely want a registered domain name to access Rocket.Chat.

We recommend setting up an A record from your domain to your servers IP address. Ex:

Rocket.Chat will not work with HTTPS out of the box because certificates are unique for each installation, but with this setup HTTPS will be available using Let's Encrypt certificates.

After the Rocket.Chat One-Click is finished and your domain is setup. You will need to login to your droplet to finish setup.

ssh root@your_droplet_ip

Once you are connected you should see something like:

Rocket.Chat is the leading open source team chat software solution. Free, unlimited and completely customizable with on-premises and SaaS cloud hosting.
Replace email, HipChat & Slack with the ultimate team chat software solution.
Out of the box you can access Rocket.Chat server at: http://Droplet-IP:3000
You will likely want a registered domain name to access Rocket.Chat. If you would like your server to be accessible over https we provide the option to use letsencrypt by running:
# rocketchatctl configure --lets-encrypt --root-url=
In case you do not own a registered domain, you could use the public IP of your droplet, but traefik will not be able to fetch certificates for you so you will see a privacy alert message when loading https://droplet-IP
# rocketchatctl configure --lets-encrypt --root-url=https://droplet-IP
If you would like https with something other than letsencrypt provided certificates you will have to manually edit the traefik config to add it.
In case you do own a registered domain, but you do not want to use traefik, you can just configure your site URL running:
# rocketchatctl configure --rocketchat --root-url=
Keep your RocketChat server updated using rocketchatctl update. Run rocketchatctl -h to see the full list of available options.
Looking for how to use Rocket.Chat? Be sure to check our docs:
Checkout our Digital Ocean docs:
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Besides the recommended setup you can out of the box access Rocket.Chat server at: http://Droplet-IP:3000

Setting up HTTPS

We recommend you to finish the Traefik loadbalancer configuration to handle HTTPS. Run this command to fetch Let's Encrypt certificates for your installation:

rocketchatctl configure --lets-encrypt --root-url=

You can then access at: replacing with the address you set in your DNS.

The Loadbalancer will redirect HTTP to HTTPS


This image comes with a ufw firewall enabled and the ports allowed for incomingo traffic are:

  • ssh 22

  • http 80

  • https 443

  • rocketchat 3000