Deploying Rocket.Chat on Jelastic
Rocket.Chat is installed automatically as an application based on prebuilt Docker containers on Jelastic PaaS which supports Java, PHP, Node.js, Ruby, Python, Docker and Kubernetes, available as public, private on-premise, virtual private, hybrid and multi-cloud.

Rocket.Chat Deployment to the Cloud

Get your Jelastic account at any of available hosting provider.
Click the DEPLOY TO JELASTIC button, specify your email address within the widget and press Install.
Note: If you are already registered at Jelastic, you can deploy this application by importing the package manifest raw link or find Rocket.Chat application in the Marketplace within the dashboard.

Installation Process

In the opened confirmation window at Jelastic dashboard, if required change:
  • Environment name
  • Display Name
  • destination Region if several are available
and click on Install.
Once the deployment is finished, you’ll see an appropriate success pop-up.
The application is ready to use just press Open in Browser button and proceed to admin account setup and to configuration and customization.
For production mode, the installation will require a custom domain and traffic encryption with valid SSL certificate wich can be installed with Let's Encrypt SSL Add-On. Learn more how to install Rocket.Chat in Jelastic.
The installation process itself looks simple.
Last modified 2mo ago