Supported NodeJs Version
Each Rocket.Chat version requires a specific Node version for it to work
The only reason you may need to check this (except for idle curiosity or debugging purposes) is if you're using the manual method of deployment. We don't recommend manual installation, instead Docker is recommended and encouraged. With Docker (or Snap) you won't need to worry about Node version.
Rocket.Chat is built with Meteor, a JavaScript framework. The version of Meteor in use dictates the supported NodeJs version for that specific version.
You can check the supported NodeJs version for any specific release by navigating over to out GitHub releases page for that specific version.
For example, in case of 4.5.0, you can head over to
Release 4.5.0 · RocketChat/Rocket.Chat
Release 4.5.0
Look for "Engine versions".
Supported NodeJs Version
You can also use our releases API to access this information. Taking the version 4.5.0 as an example, to know the supported node version for this release, perform a GET on
Releases Endpoint
You're looking for the nodeVersion key. For the current latest version, with curl and jq:
~ via  v12.22.11 took 25s
➜ curl -s | jq '.nodeVersion' -r
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