Identity Management EE FAQ
What exactly will be implemented on Enterprise Edition (EE) only? When will this be effective?
What LDAP, Active Directory, OAuth, and SAML mean, and how do these things work together?
Why is Identity Management (and authentication/authorization services) important?
What will community users not be able to do anymore? Examples.
Will the new implementation affect Single Sign-On capabilities? Please explain single sign-on.
I've contributed to building LDAP/SAML/Custom Oauth and now I can't use my code. What should I do?
How will this affect my air-gapped (no internet connection) environment? Can’t we just pull from our intranet easily anyway?
The reason a division of our team/company uses RC is for security, and/or it is air-gapped. This LDAP change doesn’t seem to affect us for our purposes – but will this have some sort of unanticipated effect on our security processes/ability to maintain data privacy? If so, please explain so we can consider it further.
What's the "Bind successful but user was not found via search" error?
How do I stop disabled LDAP users from logging in on Rocket.Chat?
I cannot log in even though everything looks good
No users are created even if everything looks good


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