WhatsApp Cloud API FAQs

WhatsApp Cloud API Pricing

Using the WhatsApp Cloud API, pricing can be estimated using Conversation-Based Pricing provided by Meta.

Rocket.Chat does not charge for WhatsApp conversations with the WhatsApp Cloud App.

Number of total messages per second

The Cloud API can send and receive text and media messages at a combined rate of up to 80 messages per second (MPS) by default and up to 500 MPS upon request. To learn more, see the Meta helpdesk.

What media types are supported by WhatsApp Cloud API?

See a list of supported media types in the Meta guide.

How can I make the WhatsApp Cloud API token permanent?

To generate a permanent Access Token, visit Create a Permanent Whatsapp Cloud API Token.

To learn more about Whatsapp Cloud API, see Cloud API FAQs.

Last updated

Rocket.Chat versions receive support for six months after release.