Create your new cloud account
Cloud account gives you limited access to manage your workspace. It's available both for self-managed as well as SaaS customers.
If you are a self-managed customer cloud account is optional but if you are a SaaS customer, it is created by default when you first create your workspace with us.

To create a new cloud account:

    Go to
    Click Pricing.
    Hit SaaS.
    Select your desired SaaS package. Note that if you select Bronze or Silver you will proceed with a full-featured Gold trial.
    You will be directed website.
    Enter your details as follows:
    Enter a coupon code if you have any.
    Enter your name.
    Enter your email address.
    Click continue.
    Please enter your workspace details on the next window:
    Enter your new workspace name.
    Select region.
    Confirm the domain name.
    Agree to the terms of service and privacy policy.
    Click Launch Trial.
    You are notified that a verification email has been sent to your email address.
    Open your email account and confirm your email address.
    After you confirm your email you are taken to password setup, as shown below:
    As soon as you click Continue on the password page, will start creating your cloud account, as shown below:
    Copy and share the link to your new cloud account with your colleagues. Hit Start now to set up your new cloud account.
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