Apply Offline License
Follow this guide to apply offline license on your air-gapped or workspaces without internet access.
In case You are using a workspace accessible through the internet please follow this guide on how to set up.
  • After accepting the cloud privacy terms at (Setup Wizard > Cloud Info > Cloud Service Privacy Terms Agreement) on your Rocket.Chat server
  • Navigate to Administration > Connectivity Services and click Register Offline as shown below
  • A pop up is shown, copy the code provided and move on to the next step
  • Head over and create an account or login into your Rocket.Chat cloud portal
  • When logged in, click on Register self-managed to register a new workspace
  • Select the option to Continue Offline if you are running an air-gapped workspace or your server doesn't have an internet connection.
  • Paste the code you copied earlier from Connectivity Services in your Rocket.Chat workspace and hit Continue to proceed
  • You are then provided with another code from the cloud portal. Copy the code and go back to your local workspace
  • On your local workspace, paste the code you got from the cloud portal and Finish Registration
We recommend you to sync your server immediately after linking it to the cloud. To do that, head on to the Connectivity Services on your Administration panel and click on Sync.
With that done, you have successfully applied an Offline license on your server.
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