Cancel Workspace
Only cloud customers can cancel their workspaces. Self-managed customers can not do that.
If you want to stop using the SaaS service, you can go ahead and cancel it, as shown below:
Reload, and the Status shows it's 'canceling';
The status should remain 'canceling' until the end of your billing cycle.
After the billing cycle is ended, the status should change to 'canceled'; as shown below:
If you change your mind within 15 days of your workspace getting canceled, please reach out to us at [email protected] to get your workspace revived. After 15 days, you will have to create a new one.

Post-factum Billing

If you are an old customer; you might still be on the old billing model. You are charged for at the end of the month (for the time you have used the service) your billing cycle has ended, as shown below:

Pre-paid Billing

All new customers are on the new billing model, i.e., you are charged in advance before your monthly billing cycle starts.
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