Cloud account Setup Wizard

The setup wizard guides you through the process of setting up your first admin user, configuring your organization and registering your server to receive free push notifications, and more.

Setting up the first admin user

To set up your first admin user:

  1. Enter the admin's Name.

  2. Enter the admin's Username.

  3. Enter the admin's Organization Email.

  4. Enter the Password.

  5. Hit Continue, as shown below:

Configuring your organization

To configure your organization :

  1. Choose Organization Type.

  2. Enter the Organization Name.

  3. Select your Industry.

  4. Select the Size of your organization.

  5. Choose your Country.

  6. Enter the URL of your official Website.

  7. Hit Continue, as shown below:

Enter your server information

To enter your server information:

  1. Site Name is populated automatically.

  2. Choose your Language.

  3. Select your Server Type; Public or Private team.

  4. Choose if you want to Auto opt-in new users for Two Factor via Email, or not.

  5. Hit Continue, as shown below:

Register server

  1. Read and agree to the Terms and Privacy Policy.

  2. Hit Continue, as shown below:

Verify your password to continue.

Your workspace is ready. Click Go to your workspace to access it.