Rocket.Chat Setup Wizard

After installing your Rocket.Chat server, it is time to configure and start enjoying all the amazing features.
Rocket.Chat provides multiple Rocket.Chat Client Apps that can be used for the user interface.
This guide proceeds with the assumption you have either the latest Rocket.Chat Desktop client or Browser installed.
The server used for this guide is available at http://localhost:3000/

Adding Rocket.Chat server to Desktop Client

  • After installing the Rocket.Chat Desktop Client, launch the application
  • You are presented with an interface with a field to input your server URL. Enter your server URL in this case http://localhost:3000/ then click Connect
If you initially had any server linked on your client app, you can add another by clicking on the plus sign by the left of the navigation menu

Accessing Rocket.Chat Using Browser

Accessing Rocket.Chat through a browser is as simple as
  • Visiting your server with your browser

Setup Wizard

To launch your workspace, it is required to do a simple 4-step setup.
  • Admin Information: Fill in this information as it is needed to create the very first user who will automatically be the administrator of your Rocket.Chat workspace
  • Organization Information: This involves information about your organization
  • Register Your Server: Next you are asked to register your workspace to the Rocket.Chat Cloud or proceed with a standalone server.
We recommend you register your workspace which will automatically create a Rocket.Chat Cloud Account for you and you can enjoy all it's benefits like;
  • Mobile push notifications
  • __Integration with external providers (WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, Twitter)
  • __Access to marketplace apps

Register Workspace

  • Click on Register to continue.
  • Open up your email inbox and click verify registration make sure the security codes match.
  • Confirm the registration and go back to your server.

Continue as Standalone

  • Click Continue as standalone then Confirm.
Your workspace is now ready for use.
From here you can get a 30days trial on the features that come with the Enterprise Edition.