In the digital age, secure and efficient authentication methods are paramount for any online platform. Rocket.Chat is no exception. It offers a variety of authentication methods to ensure the security and convenience of its users. This guide will delve into the specifics of these methods, providing a detailed overview of how Rocket.Chat handles user authentication.
Rocket.Chat's basic authentication method involves the use of a username or email and password. However, it also supports a range of other authentication methods to cater to diverse user needs and security requirements. These include:
LDAP: Leverage the Active Directory application or Identity Management System through Lightweight Directory Access Protocol
SAML: Exchanging authentication and authorization data between parties through Security Assertion Markup Language.
OpenID: Enable users to authenticate with their existing OpenID provider.
OAuth: Authorize users via third-party applications like Google and Github without sharing their login credentials.
External Authentication: Rocket.Chat also supports external authentication. If you need to log in users from your website automatically, you can use the iframe integration in combination with deeplinking and resumeToken.
# get the resumeToken from your REST API login - it's the authToken field
As online security continues to evolve, Rocket.Chat remains committed to providing secure and efficient authentication methods for its users.