Google Cloud Features

Learn how to use Google Cloud Features with your Rocket.Chat server:

Google Auto Translate

Every communication you receive on a channel can be translated using the Google translation engine. You require a Google Translate API key for that. The official Google API documentation explains how to get and use a Google Translate API key.

Getting the key

To get the Google Translate API Key,
  • Create a Project and select it.
  • On the navigation menu, go to APIs & Services > Dashboard.
  • Click on ENABLE APIS AND SERVICES and search for Cloud Translation API.
  • Go to Credentials.
  • Click Create credentials.
  • Select API key.


It's time to configure auto-translate in your workspace now that you have your API key.t.
  • Go to Administration > Workspace > Settings > Message >Auto-Translate
  • Enable Auto-Translate.
  • Select Google as the Service Provider.
Only users with the auto-translate permission will be able to use this feature. See

Enabling Auto-Translate on a Channel

Any messages sent in a language that Google Translate supports will be translated into your chosen language when you enable Auto-Translate in a room.
The translated messages are only visible to you. The original, untranslated messages is displayed for users who have not enabled Auto Translation.
To activate Auto-Translate in a room,
  • Click the
    three-dot icon in the room header.
  • Select Auto-Translate.
  • Enable Automatic Translation and select your desired language.
  • Now, an auto-translate icon
    is displayed beside the room name to indicate that the feature is active.
To translate a messaage,
  • Hover over the message and click the
    three-dot icon.
  • Select Translate.