Enterprise Edition Trial

Apply Enterprise license for your 30-day Trial.
In the world of digital communication platforms, the ability to test and evaluate features before making a commitment is crucial. Rocket.Chat offers a 30-day trial of its Enterprise Edition, allowing potential users to experience its advanced features before deciding to upgrade. This document will provide a detailed overview of how to apply for the Enterprise Edition trial and the benefits it offers.
Benefits of Rocket.Chat Enterprise Trial: The Rocket.Chat Enterprise Edition trial offers numerous benefits, including a message auditing panel and logs, access to support, omnichannel features for improved management and agent efficiency, an engagement dashboard, access to the Enterprise bundle on the marketplace, high scalability, unlimited and secure push notifications, full Matrix Federation, advanced identity management, centralized admin controls, data loss prevention, video conferencing integrations, custom roles and permissions, guest users, custom white-label branding, and delivered/read receipt.

Get Enterprise Edition if you have a workspace

If you already have a Rocket.Chat workspace running, you must confirm that it is actively linked to a Cloud account. To verify, see Registration.
After connecting to the Cloud account,
  • Navigate to Workspaces on your Rocket.Chat Cloud Portal.
  • Click on Apply Trial for the workspace you need Enterprise Edition. A pop-up appears to confirm Apply Trial.
  • Refresh the page and confirm that your workspace's current plan and status are Enterprise Yearly and Active.
  • Your workspace plan is now modified to Enterprise.

Get Enterprise Edition if you don't have a workspace

If you do not have a workspace yet, you must deploy one before applying for the Enterprise Edition Trial.
  • Create a new account on Rocket.Chat Cloud.
  • A link to Create a workspace and Apply Trial is sent to your inbox. To proceed, click the link or paste it into your browser.
  • Then, you are redirected to Rocket.Chat Cloud Portal. Since you don't have any workspace registered yet, the Workspaces section is empty with the following options to create a workspace:
    • Install Rocket.Chat: Learn how to install your Rocket.Chat instance.
    • Launch a SaaS Trial: The fastest deployment option is a Rocket.Chat workspace.
    • Register self-managed: Register your workspace if you have a workspace up and running.
  • After installing your Rocket.Chat workspace following the first option, proceed to activate the enterprise license on the workspace following these steps:
    • Navigate to Workspaces and click on the Apply Trial button for the workspace you created.
    • Refresh the page and confirm that your workspace's current plan and status are Enterprise Yearly and Active.

Extending Trial

You can request an extension directly from your cloud portal if you need your Enterprise Edition trial to be extended for any reason.
To apply for an extension,
  • Navigate to Workspaces on your Rocket.Chat Cloud Portal.
  • Click on the kebab menu across the workspace you want to request a trial extension for.
  • Select the Trial Extension.
  • Add a message to Sales describing why you need the extension and click Send Request.
  • The request is sent to the Rocket.Chat Sales Team for evaluation.
Rocket.Chat's Enterprise Edition trial provides potential users with an opportunity to experience the platform's advanced features before making a commitment. By offering a comprehensive trial process and the ability to extend the trial if needed, Rocket.Chat ensures that users can make an informed decision about upgrading to the Enterprise Edition.