Migrating database from Meteor built in MongoDB

This guide will help you migrate from the built-in Meteor mongo server to an external mongo server.
We do not advise running Rocket.Chat in production from source using the meteor command. Instead we recommend using a separate mongo database and using a compiled meteor bundle. Either our official release or your own.
Before starting make sure meteor is running.
Then run: mongodump -h --port 3001 -d meteor
It'll dump the database in a folder called dump.
Then install mongodb on your system. Please see the mongo section in one of our guides for your current OS
Once Mongo is installed restore the data using: mongorestore -d meteor dump/meteor
If you want to use a different database, you'd take this as your opportunity to change the database name. Replacing -d meteor with your desired database name.
Then follow the remainder of the guide on setting up Rocket.Chat for your current OS.