SaaS Trial

The cloud-hosted SaaS workspaces are only available for the Pro and Enterprise plans. Rocket.Chat hosts the SaaS trial workspaces to the Rocket.Chat Cloud for 30 days. Note that SaaS trial workspaces are launched with the Pro trial.

To apply for a SaaS trial, go to Enter the following details:

  1. Organization Email: Provide an organization email ID. This is required to access Rocket.Chat cloud and verification emails. It cannot be a personal email ID.

  2. Workspace name: Enter a name for your workspace.

  3. Workspace URL: The field is filled automatically according to the Workspace name.

    1. You can edit the URL according to your requirements.

    2. Dots are not allowed in the URL.

    3. By default, trial workspace URLs have the extension.

  4. Server region: Select the server region where you want to host the trial workspace, US or EU.

  5. Language: Select the language of your choice.

  6. Select the privacy policy checkbox and submit the form.

Once the form is submitted, you will receive a confirmation email on the Organization Email that you provided. Confirm the email and the trial workspace is launched in a new tab. It may take a few minutes for the launch to be complete. As the first user on the workspace, you are assigned the admin role.

Let's take a brief look at the initial actions you can take:

Enjoy your free trial workspace for 30 days and learn more about the benefits! Now you can also access your Cloud account with your email ID. To learn about the cloud features, see Rocket.Chat Cloud. Find additional information in the Cloud FAQs.

After the trial, you can continue to host on our secure cloud or migrate to your private cloud, data center, or air-gapped environment. If you choose not to continue, you can request an export of your data.

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