Facebook OAuth Setup

You can use your Facebook credentials to access your Rocket.Chat workspace.


  • A Facebook Developer account.

  • A Facebook app that uses Facebook Login.

  • In the app settings, for the Valid OAuth Redirect URIs field, enter the Facebook Callback URL that you will find in your Rocket.Chat workspace (go to Administration > Workspace > Settings> OAuth).

  • To view the OAuth credentials of your Facebook app, select App Settings > Basic. Copy your App ID and App Secret. You will need these to enable Facebook login in your workspace.

Configure Facebook OAuth

  1. Navigate to OAuth settings (Administration > Workspace > Settings> OAuth).

  2. In the Facebook tab, enable Facebook Login and fill in the Facebook App ID and Facebook Secret you copied earlier.

  3. Click Save changes.

A Sign in with Facebook button appears on your workspace's login page. Users can now Sign in with Facebook by clicking that button!

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