Google OAuth Setup

Signing in with Google is a hassle-free and secure way to access a large number of web applications today. Learn how you can set up Google sign-in for your users on this page.


  • A project on the Google Cloud console.

  • A consent screen. You can create one from API & Services > OAuth consent screen and fill in the required fields.

  • Credentials — the client ID and secret. You can create the credentials by clicking New Credentials and then selecting OAuth client ID. Select Web application as the application type, then fill in the required details.

  • The authorized redirect URIs that you need to enter are as follows:

https://YOU DOMAIN/_oauth/google?close
https://YOU DOMAIN/_oauth/google

It is necessary to register with ?close to avoid receiving a Erro 400: redirect_uri_mismatch (reference)

Configure Google OAuth

  • On your Rocket.Chat workspace, navigate to Administration > Workspace > Settings > OAuth > Google.

  • Enable Google Login and fill in the OAuth credentials you copied earlier.

  • Click Save changes.

A Sign in with Google button appears on your workspace's login page. Users can now Sign in with Google!

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