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Canned Responses

Canned responses, also known as predefined responses or templated responses, are pre-written messages that can be quickly used to respond to common questions, issues, or inquiries in Omnichannel conversations or general messaging within your Rocket.Chat workspace. To use a canned response, type the shortcut (preceded with !) in the message box.

Canned Responses Rocket.Chat Admin's Guide

As a Rocket.Chat workspace admin, you can enable and disable Canned Responses on your server.

Enable Rocket.Chat Canned Responses

To enable canned responses on your workspace,
  • Go to Administration > Workspace > Settings > Omnichannel > Canned Responses
  • Activate the toggle to enable and Save Changes
  • When Canned Responses is enabled, it'll be available to users with the corresponding canned-responses permission.
  • To enable Canned Responses for the first time, Omnichannel needs to be enabled first.
  • Canned Responses can be used only in the normal workspace when Omnichannel is disabled.

Canned Responses Permissions

Go to Administration > Workspace > Permissions and search for canned-response, you can now define which user roles should be able to view, create, and delete canned responses in your workspace.
Each canned response has a scope and there are three scope levels for creating canned responses:
  • User-level: These canned responses are created by agents for their use. It won't be visible to any other user. This requires the save-canned-responses permission.
  • Department level: These canned responses are created by department managers and are accessible to the agents who belong to that department. It requires the save-department-canned-responses permission.
  • Global level: These canned responses are created by managers to be used globally in your workspace. Anyone can access them and it requires the save-all-canned-responses permission.
To create a new canned response for your workspace, visit Canned Responses Omnichannel Managers Guide.
See the guides below to learn more about how to use canned response:
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