Canned Responses

Canned responses allow you to save message snippets that you can call with shortcuts (preceded with !) to communicate quickly. They can be configured to work both in Omnichannel conversations or general messaging within your Rocket.Chat workspace.

Canned Responses Rocket.Chat Admin's Guide

As a Rocket.Chat workspace admin, you can enable and disable Canned Responses on your server.

Enable Rocket.Chat Canned Responses

To enable canned responses on your workspace,
  • Go to Administration > Workspace > Settings > Omnichannel > Canned Responses
  • Activate the toggle to enable and Save Changes
  • When Canned Responses is enabled, it'll be available to users with the corresponding *-canned-responses role.
  • To enable Canned Responses for the first time, Omnichannel needs to be enabled first.
  • Canned Responses can be used only in the normal workspace when Omnichannel is disabled.

Canned Responses Permissions

Under the Administration > Workspace > Permissions section, you can define which user roles should be able to view, create and delete the canned responses.
To save a new canned response for your workspace, visit Canned Responses Omnichannel Managers Guide.
See the guides below to learn more:
You can find the canned response agent guide here.