Custom Fields

Custom fields can be added to receive additional information from visitors during registration before initiating a Live Chat conversation or used to set other properties of a visitor/room. They can be set upon a Visitor or Room.
To access this menu, go to Administration > Omnichannel > Custom Fields. Here, you can View, Create New, Edit, or Delete an existing field.
The Live Chat registration form has the Name, Email, and I need Help With…(Department) fields by default.

Create Omnichannel Custom Field

To create a new custom field:
  • Click on +New from the custom field panel
  • Fill in the required information and click Save.

Omnichannel Custom Field Information

  • Field: Enter the desired field that you want to add to your Live Chat registration form. E.g., last name.
  • Label: The label of the field.
  • Scope: A dropdown for you to set the scope of the custom field
    • Visitor: If the visitor option is selected, the field will be available as an Omnichannel visitor's property
    • Room: When selected, the field will be available against an Omnichannel room.
  • Visible: Whether or not to make it visible
  • Searchable: This lets you set if searching in the Omnichannel Contact Center can be done with the custom field.

Enterprise Edition Omnichannel Custom Fields

The rest of the settings (mentioned below) are Enterprise only.
  • Validation: This lets you set validation Validation.
  • Required: When enabled, the field will be set as required.
  • Type: Choose the input type (Input/Select) of the field
  • Default value: Set the default value of the field
  • Options: Comma-separated list used to select a pre-configured value. Spaces between elements are not accepted.
  • Public: Set it Public this will be displayed in external applications, such as Live Chat
When a custom field is created and made public, any value supplied in that field is available on the Live Chat agent's side.

Edit Omnichannel Custom Field

To edit an Omnichannel Custom Field:
  • Click on the field you want yo update.
  • A section is opened with all the current details of that field which can be modified. Update the field and click Save.

Delete Omnichannel Custom Field

To delete an Omnichannel Custom Field, click on the delete icon on the right of the field from the Custom Field list.
Rocket.Chat versions receive support for six months after release.