Omnichannel Priorities enables you to change the order of Omnichannel queues based on Estimated Due Time.
Conversations associated with priorities will be sorted in the order of estimated due time from a shorter to a longer time. This means chats with a shorter due time(high priority) will appear in the queue before others with either longer or no due time set(low priority).
Estimated Due Time is an estimated time defined for a customer to be served. If the estimated due time is, for instance, 10 minutes, the customer is supposed to wait in queue for up to 10 minutes until an agent takes the chat.
To access Priorities settings,
  • Go to Administration > Omnichannel > Priorities.

List Omnichannel Priorities

On the Priorities main menu, a list of all priorities is seen if any exists. Clicking on any opens a panel to edit it.
Each Priority has its own(unique) Estimated due time(time in minutes), so once a priority is associated with an Inquiry/room, this value is used to set the queue inquiry order. Priority is not mandatory for each conversation. Thus, the Omnichannel queues will have conversations with and without priorities.

Create Omnichannel Priorities

To create an Omnichannel Priority:
  • Click on + New
  • Update the required information and click Save
    • Name: What name to call the Priority
    • Description: The description of the Priority
    • Estimated due time: Lets you set a time in minutes for the Priority
Priorities can be added to a conversation by editing the Omnichannel room info.

Delete Omnichannel Priorities

To delete an existing Priority,
  • Click on the Delete icon across the Priority from the main settings screen.