OmniChannel Priorities helps you streamline conversations coming through multiple queues to prioritize them and enhance productivity. It is helpful for agents to determine the conversations they should prioritize when responding to customers. The omnichannel queue contains chats with and without priorities because they are not assigned by default.

To configure Priorities in your workspace,

  • Go to Administration > Workspace > Settings > Omnichannel > Queue Management.

  • For the Sorting Mechanism field, select Priorities. Click Save Changes.

  • Go to Administration > Omnichannel > Priorities. It lists the default priorities: Highest, High, Medium, Low, and Lowest.

  • Select a priority to edit it and customize the name.

  • Click Reset to return the name of all the priorities back to default.

Change the priority of a chat

To manually change the priority of a conversation,

  • Hover over the chat and click the kebab menu. Select the priority option you want to assign to that chat.

  • After the priority is updated, the chat is moved to reflect its priority position in the queue. For example, a chat with the priority 'highest" is transferred to the top of the chat queue.

  • You can also change the priority of a chat from the Edit room tab of the chat by navigating to Room Information > Edit.

Organizations can benefit from automation using chatbots to determine the priority of each conversation based on the nature of its contents.

Filter Omnichannel chats by priorities

As an Omnichannel manager, you can filter the chats based on their priorities. You can join or forward a high-priority chat to follow up and ensure they are resolved on time.

To filter chats based on priorities,

  • Go to Administration > Omnichannel > Current Chats.

  • You can preview the priority of each chat from this table.

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