Tags Manager's Guide

As a Live Chat Manager, you can set Tags to be assigned to the Live Chat conversations by the agents. Tags can be used later for easy searching and sorting of Live Chat conversations.
Omnichannel Tags are used for marking and classifying Omnichannel conversations.
A very practical use case is using tags to mark the progress made on a Live Chat query. You can have tags like new, blocked, in progress, completed etc
To access Tags settings, go to Administration > Omnichannel > Tags.

List Omnichannel Tags

On the Tags menu, you see a list of tags if they exist. Clicking on one opens up a page where it can be edited.

Create Omnichannel Tags

To create a new Tag:
  • Click on + New
  • A page opens with details to be filled and Save
    • Name: Enter the name you wish for the Tag
    • Description: A description of what the Tag is
    • Departments: This lets you select a list of departments in which the Tag is available. Leave it empty to set it available to all departments.
When created, Omnichannel Agents will be able to use the Tag on conversations.

Delete Omnichannel Tags

To delete an existing Tag, click on the Delete icon across the Tag from the main settings page.