Matrix Bridge Configuration

Configure the Rocket.Chat workspace to link with your Matrix Homeserver.

You don’t need to perform any additional federation configuration, as the required fields were automatically populated during the installation of Rocket.Chat and Synapse.

Subscribe to any of our premium plans or apply trial on your workspace to unlock all the available federation features.

To access this setting,

  • Navigate to Administration > Workspace > Settings > Federation > Matrix Bridge.

  • Enabled: Turn on to enable federation with Matrix.

  • Enable Matrix ephemeral events: Enable events like typing indicator over the Matrix network.

  • AppService ID: A unique identifier for the Application Service. It is automatically generated by Rocket.Chat

  • Homeserver Token: A unique homeserver token to authenticate requests to Application Services.

  • App Service Token: A unique Application Service token to authenticate requests to homeservers. It is automatically generated by Rocket.Chat

  • Homeserver URL: The URL of the Matrix server you want to use as your Proxy homeserver. e.g. http://localhost:8008

  • Homeserver Domain: Your Matrix homeserver's name.

  • Bridge URL: The URL for the Matrix bridge. It is the location you want your bridge should run.

  • Ensure the port you use for the bridge is free in your host.

  • We recommend you use a brand new Matrix Homeserver as your Proxy homeserver.

  • We strongly recommend not connecting to this Matrix Homeserver with other Matrix clients.

  • AppService User Localpart: The bot user associated with the application service (Sometimes, it's used to execute some actions).

  • Maximum number of users when joining a public room in a remote server: The number of the maximum users when joining a public room in a remote server. Public rooms with more users will be shown in the list of public rooms to join. However, they display a Can't join warning, and users won't be able to join those channels.

Increasing the maximum number may consume a large amount of the resources in your infrastructure platform. It is recommended to adhere to the default size.

  • Registration File: Automatically generated and updated by Rocket.Chat based on all the values provided in the above settings (The Application Service is configured using this file).

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