Rocket.Chat Mobile

Accessing Rocket.Chat through the mobile apps.

Installing Rocket.Chat Mobile

You can download the Rocket.Chat mobile app on Google Play for Android devices and App Store for iOS devices.

Sign Up for Rocket.Chat

To create a Rocket.Chat account, you must join a workspace.

  • Launch the Rocket.Chat app on your mobile device.

  • Enter your workspace URL. If you don't have one, you can join our community workspace.

  • Click Create an account. Sign up with any available third-party authentication providers like Google or submit a name, username, email, and password.

  • A confirmation email is sent to your email. Click Login or access the URL of your provided workspace to log in.

Login to Rocket.Chat

To log in to Rocket.Chat mobile app,

  • Launch the Rocket.Chat app on your mobile device.

  • Enter your workspace URL. Click Login.

  • If you created an account with a third-party authentication app like Google, choose the respective option or provide a username/email, and password combination to log in.

  • You will be prompted to input your email and check your mailbox to verify if you have not verified your email.

  • After verification, you are taken to your workspace's homepage upon successful login.

Exploring your Workspace

The homepage of your workspace has a navigation menu, toolbar, and main body, allowing you to perform different actions.

The navigation menu at the top displays your profile avatar, name, and workspace name. Additionally, it includes these five action items:

  • Edit Status: It is used to set a custom status.

  • Chats: It displays the rooms you belong to, enabling you to select any and start a conversation.

  • Profile: It takes you to the screen for managing your profile.

  • Display: It takes you to the display settings screen to choose between expanded or condensed messages, the sort order, and the grouping order of your rooms.

  • Settings: It takes you to the app settings screen, such as language, default browser, and theme.


The toolbar (action bar) has three action icons.

Main Body

Your workspace's main body includes all the rooms you belong to. You can tap a room from the list to start a conversation or follow up on an existing conversation.


Rocket.Chat mobile app allows you to configure different app features such as language, theme, and more in the settings screen.

  • Contact Us: Email Rocket.Chat support team for your worries or inquiries. It redirects you to your default email client.

  • Language: Set your preferred language from a range of Rocket.Chat supported languages.

  • Review this app: Review Rocket.Chat on either Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Depending device's operating system, you are taken to the respective store.

  • Share this app: Share the Rocket.Chat app link from the store to others so they can visit the link to install the mobile app.

  • Default browser: Select the browser where links in Rocket.Chat should be opened by default. You also have an in-app browser option.

  • Theme: Choose between using your device's default or a light or dark theme.

  • Security and Privacy: Modify security and privacy settings. You can reset your end-to-end encryption key, set a screen lock for devices that support biometrics, log analytics events, and send crash reports to our backend. Crash reports help us track and solve bugs.

  • License: Open and read Rocket.Chat mobile's MIT License.

  • Version: Display the version of Rocket.Chat mobile app that you are using.

  • Server version: Returns information about the current Rocket.Chat server version of your workspace.

  • Clear local server cache: Delete cached information from your workspace.

  • Logout: Logout from your workspace.

Creating a Workspace

To create a new workspace,

Adding a Workspace

To add a workspace that you are already part of,

  • Click the title of your current workspace.

  • Click Add Server.

  • Enter workspace URL

  • Click Connect to log in to the workspace.

Last updated

Rocket.Chat versions receive support for six months after release.