You can view the available and installed Rocket.Chat Apps and manage them.
Rocket.Chat Apps provide apps to improve collaboration, boost productivity and get more done. This menu takes you to the Rocket.Chat marketplace where there are many apps to choose from.
To access apps, navigate to Administration > Workspace > Apps.
Please note that category filters help you find apps based on your needs. You can choose between multiple categories within the filter to help you find the best app for your Rocket.Chat users.
Your workspace should be (registered and) connected to Rocket.Chat Cloud in order to access the marketplace and install Rocket.Chat apps from it. Use the login button at the top right to log in to Rocket.Chat Cloud.


Rocket.Chat provides you with a lot of Rocket.Chat apps. They can be installed and managed through the marketplace. You can search for any app on the marketplace and can install it on your own Rocket.Chat server.
You can also upload your custom app package yourself and then install it.
To find information on marketplace roles please check out this article.


Under the installed tab, you can :
  • Enable/Disable/Uninstall any of your installed apps.
  • View app details.
  • View logs of the app.
  • Provide additional user settings and configuration for the app.
All Rocket.Chat Apps might not require any setup configuration or user settings.
If you are looking for the manual/user guide of a particular app, please find them here or use the search bar on the top right corner.
The following apps are part of the Enterprise Edition offerings. You don't have to purchase them if you are already subscribed to the Enterprise Edition of Rocket.Chat.