Rocket.Chat organizes conversations across different topics called rooms (aka channels).
Rooms make workflows structured, purpose-oriented and coherent. You can make them for any subject, project, or team. Teams can share thoughts and information and push work ahead.
This is room's user guide. If you are an admin looking for an admin guide, please find it here. Rooms (aka Channels)

Unread messages

Rooms with new messages appear in bolded.
When using the Unread Mode, a new section called Unread appears on the left sidebar. All rooms with unread messages move to this new section until the messages have been read.
To activate Unread Mode, go to My Account> Preferences. Change the Sidebar channel list mode setting to Unread Rooms Mode.


When someone mentions you with @username, @all or @here, a symbol or a number will appear alongside the channel name. When mentioned, a @ symbol appears next to your name. If someone mentions @all or @here a number will show up showing the number of times the mention is specific to you.

Notifications Preferences

There are several notification settings a user can customize to Rooms. To find notification settings for a specific room, go to the room and click the More symbol at the top-right of the chat view. Then, select Notification Preferences.
  • Mute/Receive alerts: Receive or mute any notifications from a room.
  • Mute/Receive mentions: Receive or mute notifications for mentions while receiving notifications for messages in a room.
  • Hide/Show counter: Show the number of unread messages for a room.
  • Notification sound: Choose a sound for notifications besides the alerts default Desktop. Mobile currently supports only the alerts inside your mobile device. You can also select when to play the alert, the duration of the alert, and the alert itself.
There are some default choices for audio provided by Rocket.Chat. However, you also get to choose custom audio files for the same. Get further information about Custom Sounds.

Types of Rooms in Rocket.Chat: