End to End Encryption User Guide

When E2E is enabled on your workspace, users can create encrypted rooms and send encrypted messages. To use E2E Encryption, your workspace administrator must turn on the E2E Encryption feature.

E2E encryption functionality is currently in beta and includes the following notable restrictions that workspace owners should carefully consider before activating this feature for production use:

  • E2E encrypted messages will not appear in search operations.

  • Bots or other ancillary systems interacting via webhooks or REST API cannot read E2EE encrypted messages.

  • File uploads are not encrypted.

  • Rocket.Chat enables users to reset their private E2E key to avoid permanent data loss during the beta period.

Save your E2E encryption password

Once E2E is enabled in your workspace, a Save your encryption password banner is displayed at the top of your workspace.

The encryption password is displayed only once. Therefore, it is essential to save it securely as you will require it to decode or encode encrypted messages on your workspace from any client.

To save this password,

  • Click the Save your encryption password banner. It displays a modal with the encryption password.

  • Hit copy password and save the password securely

  • Finally, click on the I have Saved my Password button to confirm

Enter your E2E encryption password

After saving your encryption password, an Enter E2E password banner is displayed at the top of your workspace whenever you log in to your account.

To access your encrypted messages, enter your E2E encryption password following these steps:

  • Click on the Enter E2E password banner

  • A modal is displayed, prompting you to input your encryption password

  • Enter the password you saved earlier

  • Hit the Decode Key button.

Change Encryption Password

To set a new encryption password,

  • Click your avatar and select My Account.

  • Navigate to Security > E2E Encryption.

  • Fill in the new encryption password and confirm new encryption password.

  • Click Save changes.

You can only change your encryption password in a client where you have already entered the existing password.

Create an Encrypted Room

E2E is only available for DMs, private channels, and private teams.

To create an encrypted channel or team,

Enable/Disable E2E in an existing room

You can only enable E2E in private rooms.

To enable/disable E2E in an existing room,


How can I tell if the room is encrypted?

If the room is using End to End Encryption you should see a key icon by the channel name.

How can I tell if a message is encrypted?

You will see a key icon by the username.

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