Device Management

As a workspace administrator, you can manage and control the devices linked to your workspace.
To access this menu, navigate to Administration > Workspace > Device Management.
If you have two-factor authentication enabled,
  • You are prompted for your two-factor authentication code. This security measure in Device Management ensures that only authorized users can access this setting.
  • Enter the six-digit authentication code and click Verify.
  • After the successful verification, the devices linked to your workspace are displayed.

View the linked device information

To view the linked device information,
  • Click on the device name to view details such as Client, Operating system, User, Last Login, Device Id, and IP address.

Search for devices

You can easily search for devices by username, model, or operating system.

Log out of a device

  • Choose the device that you want to disconnect and then click Logout.
If the device is logged out, the user will be notified that the workspace admin has ended the session on the device. Users can sign in again with the same devices when they want.
To configure security and access control policies for device management, see Device management settings.