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Nextcloud Rocket.Chat App

The Nextcloud Rocket.Chat App integration offers a very powerful Open Source collaboration platform with a very high level of security and ownership. The flexibility to enjoy features from both solutions combined gives you a step further to use the ultimate open-source alternative to MS 365.

Nextcloud Rocket.Chat App Setup


To use the Nextcloud Rocket.App, you are expected to have the following workspaces running:
Connecting Nextcloud with Rocket.Chat requires your Rocket.Chat sever to be on an SSL-protected domain. This is strictly for security reasons.
You need to make the following changes to your Rocket.Chat settings
  • Have two-factor Authentication disabled on your Rocket.Chat settings Administration > Workspace > Settings > Accounts > Two Factor Authentication
  • Disable Restrict access inside any Iframe Administration > Workspace > Settings > General > Restrict access inside any Iframe
  • Enable to send and receive data inside an iframe Administration > Workspace > Settings > General > Iframe Integration


When that is all done, follow these procedures to get setup
  • Go to your Nextcloud Dashboard and navigate to the Apps section
  • Navigate down to the Social & Communication category and locate the Rocket.Chat App then Download and Enable
  • Head over to your Nextcloud settings section and you will find a Rocket.Chat menu, open it to proceed with linking your Rocket.Chat workspace
  • Fill in the Rocket.Chat URL, admin username, and password to authenticate, click on Connect and Save. This will automatically generate an access token and userId to be used
  • After connecting, the Admin User ID and Admin Token will be automatically filled, and your app is ready for use
  • Now along with other existing Nextcloud apps, you should see you now have Rocket.Chat included
  • Clicking on the Rocket.Chat icon will open up the chat interface like normal, all within Nextcloud.


Using this integration gives you the possibility to:
  • Extend and streamline communication with external parties using Rocket.Chat’s federation and bridges into Slack and Microsoft Teams.
  • Easily collaborate on projects and documents using Rocket.Chat’s chat right in Nextcloud.
  • Use a single productivity platform that integrates with other tools, including Nextcloud, and keeps all communications and notifications in one place.
  • Leverage more advanced user governance features, access levels, and role-based permissions
  • Easily map even the most complex organizational structure into groups, teams, and discussions.
  • Securely collaborate and communicate with anyone via the world’s leading social media channels such as Whatsapp, Messenger, Twitter, Instagram, Telegram, and others.
  • Turn their chats into productivity tools using integrations with various HR tools, CRM solutions, ticketing systems, project management solutions, and developer tools to build powerful workflows.
  • Make digital workplaces and communities more engaging and collaborative using Rocket.Chat’s marketplace of apps.
  • Ensure full governance of all their communications using message audits, flexible retention policies, powerful engagement analytics and dashboards, and more.
  • Send advanced message formatting like code snippets, formula syntax, message threads, and more.
Last modified 7mo ago
Deprecation for cloud services and apps is now extended to November 20, 2023. Rocket.Chat versions receive support for six months after release.