Add TravisCI notifications via a new WebHook in Rocket.Chat

Receive alerts

  1. Create a new Incoming WebHook.

  2. Select the channel where you will receive the alerts. You may wish to create a dedicated channel for your notifications.

  3. Select an account from which the alerts will be posted. You may wish to create a dedicated account just for notifications.

  4. Set the "Enable Scripts" option to True.

  5. Copy scripts below and paste it in Script field.

  6. Save the integration. This will generate a webhook URL and secret for you.

  7. In your .travis.yml file add WebHooks parameter with webhook URL generated.

      webhooks: <webhook_url_generated>

This script will generate notifications for the following build events:

  • Build finished status for any pushed code

  • Build finished status for new Pull Request

Note: If status is passed, message color is green otherwise it is red.

const buildMessage = (obj) => {
  const min = Math.floor(obj.duration / 60);
  const sec = obj.duration - min * 60;

  let template = `Build [#${obj.number}](${obj.build_url})`;
  template += ` ([${obj.commit.substring(0, 7)}](${obj.compare_url})) of`
  template += ` ${obj.repository.owner_name}/${}@${obj.branch}`;
  if(obj.pull_request) {
     let pr_url = `${obj.repository.owner_name}/`;
     pr_url += `${}/pull/${obj.pull_request_number}`;
     template += ` in PR [#${obj.pull_request_number}](${pr_url})`;
  template += ` by ${obj.author_name} ${obj.state} in ${min} min ${sec} sec`;

  let status_color = '#36A64F';
  if(obj.state !== 'passed') {
    status_color = '#A63636'

  return {
    text: template,
    color: status_color

class Script {
  process_incoming_request({ request }) {
    msg = buildMessage(request.content);

    return {
        attachments: [
            text: msg.text,
            color: msg.color

If you want more customizations, please look in TravisCI documentation:

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