E2E Encryption

Prevent third parties from accessing your data while its transferred from one end system to another

End-to-end encryption (E2EE) is a system of communication where only the communicating users can read the messages. Rocket.Chat uses this to prevent potential eavesdroppers.

IMPORTANT: E2E encryption functionality is currently in beta and includes notable restrictions that workspace owners should carefully consider before activating this feature for production use as follow:

  • E2E encrypted messages will not appear in search operations

  • Bots or other ancillary systems interacting via webhooks or REST API will not be able to read E2EE encrypted messages

  • File uploads are not encrypted

  • Rocket.Chat enables users to reset their private E2EE key to avoid permanent data loss during the beta period.

To access this setting, go to Administration > Workspace > Settings > E2E Encryption.

  • Enabled: When set to true, users can create encrypted rooms and change rooms and direct messages to be encrypted.

  • Enable encryption for Direct Rooms by default: When set to true, direct rooms will be encrypted by default.

  • Enable encryption for Private Rooms by default: When enabled, private rooms will be encrypted by default.

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