Invite external users to your Rocket.Chat server

Invite external users' syntax

Whenever you want to invite someone from an external server, use the following syntax to identify them when you click Add members:
Which is represented by the following parts:
  • @username: The username from the external server (red part).
  • (:): A colon character separating the external username and the external server name.
  • The external server name(blue part).
Once the Matrix Bridge is well configured and running, the external users' syntax is interpreted in any Add Members inputs all over the system.
After you invite an external user for the first time, a copy for that user will be created in your local Rocket.Chat instance. This means you no longer need to use the external user syntax to invite that specific user. You can invite the local user, which will appear as a suggestion in any Add Members input.
Once the external user exists and the external server runs, the external user will auto-join the room. They can not decide if they want to join the room or not for now.