Setup Wizard

Basic info about your workspace such as organization name and country

This section has basic configurations for the setup wizard of your workspace.

To access this menu, navigate to Administration > Workspace > Settings > Setup Wizard.

Remember to hit Save Changes in order to apply any changes made.

Organization Info

  • Organization Type: A dropdown for you to select the type of organization. Example Government

  • Organization Name: The name of your organization. Example RocketChat

  • Industry: The industry to which your organization belongs. Example Technology Services

  • Size: The size of your organization.

  • Country: The country your organization is based in. Example South Africa

  • Website: Your organization's website. Example

  • Server Type: The type of server you are running. Example Public Community

  • Allow Marketing Emails: When enabled, marketing emails are sent.

  • Register Server: Enable to register your server.

  • Organization Email: Lets you set your organization email.

Cloud Info

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