Enable Rocket.Chat to communicate directly with Slack

SlackBridge lets you mirror Slack and Rocket.Chat servers in real-time.

To access this menu, navigate to Administration > Workspace > Settings > SlackBridge

Remember to hit Save Changes in order to apply any changes made.

  • Enabled: Toggle to true to enable SlackBridge

  • API Tokens: Takes in API tokens of your Slack servers. You can configure multiple slack servers by adding one API Token per line.

  • File Upload: Enable to permit file uploads between servers.

  • SlackBridge Out Enabled: Choose whether SlackBridge should also send your messages back to Slack

  • SlackBridge Out All: Send messages from all channels that exist in Slack, and the bot has joined

  • SlackBridge Out Channels: This lets you choose which channels will send messages back to Slack.

  • Alias Format: Import messages from Slack with an alias; %s is replaced by the username of the user. If empty, no alias is used.

  • Exclude Bots: Takes in a regular expression to not propagate messages from any bot whose name matches the regular expression. If left empty, all messages from bots are propagated.

  • Reactions: Enable to get reactions

  • Remove channel links: Remove the internal link between Rocket.Chat channels and Slack channels. The links are afterward recreated based on the channel names.

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