Deploy on IBM Cloud
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    Deploy on IBM Cloud

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    While IBM Cloud offers several choices for hosting Rocket.Chat, including Docker container on a Kubernetes cluster, VMWare, and Bare Metal Server. The following instructions will concentrate on creating a Cloud Foundry app for Rocket.Chat.


    • An IBM Cloud account

    • The IBM Cloud command line client (ibmcloud) installed

    • Git

    Deploying Rocket.Chat on IBM cloud

    • Log in to the IBM Cloud dashboard. Navigate to Apps Box > Create an app.

    • Give the Rocket.Chat server a unique app name, select as Starting point.

    • Click Create a new app. Select Node.js as Platform.

    • Then click Create.

    • In the App Details tab, click Create Service. From the list of services, select Databases > Databases for MongoDB.

    • Configure MongoDB to enable oplog tailing and initiate a replica set.

    Open your terminal and run the following commands:

    • Git clone the latest Rocket.Chat:

    git clone
    • Log in to the IBM Cloud command-line interface:

    ibmcloud cf login
    • Push Rocket.Chat to the app you created early in the dashboard using meteor-buildpack-horse:

    cf push <your app name> -m 512M -b
    • Go to https://<your app name> in your browser to access your instance of Rocket.Chat

    If you encounter any problems, visit the IBM apps instructions.

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