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    The icons in your main menu are designed to enhance your navigation experience within the workspace.

    User Panel

    The User Panel provides access to your profile management options and allows you to log out of the workspace.


    Click the Home icon to navigate to the home screen of your workspace. The home screen welcomes a user to the Rocket.Chat workspace. It is the first screen that is displayed after a user logs in successfully. It prompts you to start using your workspace and also provides links to some key features of Rocket.Chat.


    The Search icon allows you to quickly search for a user or room within the workspace. To perform a search, simply click on the search icon, and a search bar will appear. Type your query, and the related results are displayed in real-time.


    The Directory icon offers a convenient way to access the workspace's directory and search for channels, users, and teams within the workspace.


    The Display icon controls the display settings of your workspace sidebar, allowing you to customize how chats are presented. You can customize how conversations are displayed, sorted, and grouped in your workspace.

    • Display: Customize the amount of information shown for chat rooms in your workspace sidebar. You have the option to show or hide the room avatar.

    • Sort by: Adjust the order of chat rooms displayed in your workspace sidebar. You can sort rooms by either Activity or Name.

    • Group by: Organize rooms on the sidebar based on specific criteria. Available grouping options include Unread, Favorites, and Types.

    Create New

    Click the Create New icon to create a new room in your workspace.


    Click the kebab icon to access the administration panel. The options displayed for a user vary depending on the permission assigned to them. The Administration tab allows workspace administrators to manage workspace and omnichannel settings. The Apps tab provides the option to explore Rocket.Chat marketplace and manage apps in your workspace. The Audit tab is available for auditors in the workspace to audit messages and review the audit log history.

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