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    Welcome to the comprehensive guide on Rocket.Chat's security and compliance features. This documentation serves as a centralized resource for all security-related information about Rocket.Chat, offering detailed insights into the various security aspects of our product. Whether you're looking to understand specific features or seeking compliance-related information, this guide is designed to navigate you through Rocket.Chat’s security landscape efficiently.

    Available resources:

    1. Product security

    • Rocket.Chat integrates security into numerous features of its platform. For detailed information on each security feature, utilize the search function in our Docs section with relevant keywords like OAuth, LDAP, and Encryption.

    • Explore summaries of critical security aspects in the following sections:

    2. External resources:

    • Security features overview: A comprehensive look at Rocket.Chat's security solutions, including features, testimonials, and use cases.

    • Privacy policy: Information on how personal data is processed.

    • Terms of use: Legal documentation outlining the provision of use, like push notifications.

    • GDPR compliance: Documentation on the GDPR requirements implemented in 2018.

    3. Community engagement:

    • Vulnerability Reporting: Guidelines on reporting security vulnerabilities.

    • Code of Conduct: Rules governing behavior on our servers.

    • White hat hall of fame: Recognizing contributors who have enhanced Rocket.Chat's security.

    4. Internal practices:

    This documentation is continually updated to reflect the latest in security and compliance standards. For any additional queries or clarifications, please reach out to [email protected]. Your security is our priority, and we are committed to providing a secure and compliant communication platform.

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