Every day, we rely on communication platforms for collaboration with colleagues, businesses, customers, and communities. However, most platforms offer limited control and customization. Rocket.Chat stands apart as a secure, compliant collaboration platform. With Rocket.Chat, you truly own your data, enjoy limitless customization, and benefit from seamless integration capabilities. Take control of your communication with Rocket.Chat.
Rocket.Chat, a secure and customizable open-source platform, is designed for organizations with stringent data protection standards. It seamlessly integrates real-time conversations across web, desktop, and mobile devices, connecting colleagues, businesses, and customers. With its ability to integrate multiple channels such as Live Chat, email, and social media, it provides a unified customer view, enhancing efficiency. Our mobile app, available for Android and iOS, further empowers you to engage in conversations, respond to messages, and collaborate effectively. Choose the deployment method that suits you best: self-hosted on your server or via our SaaS offering. For our premium plans, we offer dedicated support and professional services.
Rocket.Chat 6.0 is our most secure and scalable version yet. It includes 10 security patches, 9 brand-new features, and 25+ overall platform enhancements. Visit our website to learn more about what’s new in this latest version. Update now!

Product Offerings

Rocket.Chat has four key product offerings:
  • Team collaboration - A single point for secure internal and cross-company collaboration.
  • Omnichannel customer service - Engage in seamless interactions with customers regardless of how they connect with you.
  • Chat engine - Create customized messaging experiences within your mobile or web app.
  • Marketplace - Choose a wide range of apps and native integrations that help your business communicate more effectively.

Security Offerings

Rocket.Chat ensures top-tier data privacy, security, and ownership for your communications. Admins can tailor workspaces to their policies. Our software supports compliance with GDPR, HIPAA, FINRA, FedRAMP, and more, proving reliable in stringent environments.
Rocket.Chat on-premise: Rocket.Chat gives you full ownership of your data. Leverage secure, self-managed installation in your data center with layered security options (e.g., SSL, VPN, and DMZ). Rocket.Chat’s on-premise offerings can be hosted entirely behind your firewall or on an air-gapped network.
Rocket.Chat SaaS: Rocket.Chat's scalable cloud, built on Docker and Kubernetes, is hosted in secure, audited data centers across various regions. This setup ensures optimal performance and compliance with strict data localization requirements.
Information governance: Rocket.Chat provides governance and risk-management features suitable for security-focused organizations, including global retention policies, compliance exports, and backup/restoration capabilities.

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