Cloud Services Terms

Rocket.Chat's Cloud Terms encompass the Cloud Services provided by Rocket.Chat. These terms supplement the Customer Terms of Service, addressing specific considerations related to Cloud usage.

By using our Cloud Services or associated software or services, Customer agrees to be bound by these Cloud Services Terms.

  1. Cloud Hosting.

Rocket.Chat Cloud Hosting is a service provided by Rocket.Chat, allowing customers to install and use the Rocket.Chat software on a cloud-hosted infrastructure. The terms and conditions that govern Rocket.Chat Cloud Hosting, the "Cloud Hosting Terms" services are explicitly detailed in Appendix II of the Customer Terms of Service.

  1. Marketplace Apps.

As further described in the Rocket.Chat Marketplace and Apps Terms, the Rocket.Chat Markeplace lists a variety of Apps that may be used with Cloud Services, including both Rocket.Chat Apps and Third Party Apps. Rocket.Chat Apps for Cloud Services are considered “Cloud Services” under these Terms (unless we specify otherwise through the Rocket.Chat Marketplace). Third-Party Apps are not Cloud Services and remain subject to their own applicable Vendor Terms. We may enable interoperation of the Cloud Services with Third Party Apps. The terms “Apps”, “Rocket.Chat Apps”, “Third Party Apps”, “Vendor” and “Vendor Terms” are defined in the Rocket.Chat Marketplace and Apps Terms, which is a separate agreement governing the use of the Rocket.Chat Marketplace.


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