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Community Resources at Rocket.Chat
Rocket.Chat isn't just a communication platform; it's a thriving ecosystem powered by a passionate global community. From developers and administrators to enthusiasts and end-users, the community is the backbone that has driven Rocket.Chat's innovation and growth. Whether you're troubleshooting an issue, exploring new features, or diving into custom integrations, the community resources provide a wealth of knowledge and expertise. With dedicated forums, specialized tags on platforms like Stack Overflow, and active channels on the Rocket.Chat community server, there's always someone ready to assist, share, or collaborate. Dive into the resources below to tap into this collective wisdom and contribute to the ongoing dialogue.
Rocket.Chat offers various support channels:
Community support is voluntary, so patience is appreciated. If you believe you've found a bug, follow the guidelines for Reporting Issues. Before seeking support, always test on the latest version of Rocket.Chat. Ensure you have all necessary server and client setup information. For effective bug reporting, use the provided bug template.
If you're still facing issues:
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    Consider Rocket.Chat's Premium plans (Pro or Enterprise) for professional support.
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    Seek community help with respect and patience. Avoid spamming or being rude.
Lastly, always refer to the documentation and ensure you've gone through it thoroughly before opening an issue. Interested in contributing further? Explore the various modes of contribution to become an active part of the Rocket.Chat community.
Rocket.Chat versions receive support for six months after release.