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    Our Plans

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    As a leader in secure and compliant collaboration solutions, Rocket.Chat offers a range of plans to suit the diverse needs of its user base. Our plans are designed to provide optimal features and flexibility for individuals and small teams to large enterprises. This document details our Enterprise, Pro, Starter, and Community plans, helping you choose the best fit for your organization.

    Enterprise plan

    The Rocket.Chat Enterprise plan is tailored for large-scale organizations requiring a comprehensive, secure, and highly customizable communication solution. This plan offers extensive scalability, advanced compliance tools, and priority support, catering to the complex needs of large enterprises and industries with stringent regulatory requirements. With its focus on high performance, reliability, and advanced integrations, the Enterprise plan is the optimal choice for organizations seeking a top-tier collaboration platform.

    Key features:

    • Large-scale capacity: Tailored for extensive, compliance-focused environments.

    • Advanced capabilities: Includes support for multiple server instances, microservices architecture, and sophisticated user management with an option to add guest users, enhancing flexibility for varied communication needs.

    • Compliance tools: Enhanced tools for meeting regulatory and compliance standards.

    • Customization and integration: Greater flexibility in customization and integration with existing systems.

    • Priority support: Access to priority support and dedicated account management.

    • Hosting: Standard, Premium, and Dedicated SaaS hosting.

    • Scalability and reliability: Designed for high scalability and reliability, suitable for mission-critical operations.

    Ideal for:

    • Large enterprises: Organizations requiring a robust, scalable, and compliant communication platform.

    • High compliance industries: Ideal for sectors with stringent regulatory requirements, such as finance, healthcare, and government.

    Pro plan

    Available from Rocket.Chat version 6.5 or higher Rocket.Chat Pro plan is designed for growing organizations seeking to leverage enhanced features and support for expanding communication needs. This plan offers a robust platform with increased user capacity, extended monthly active contacts, and additional premium features. Ideal for businesses scaling their operations, the Pro plan provides a perfect balance of advanced functionality and support, ensuring a seamless collaboration experience.

    Key features:

    • User capacity: Designed for up to 500 users.

    • Monthly active contacts: Manage up to 15,000 omnichannel contacts.

    • Customization: Option to remove the Rocket.Chat watermark.

    • Support & hosting: Standard support with an option for standard SaaS hosting.

    Ideal for:

    • Scaling organizations: Best suited for businesses expanding their use of premium features.

    • Enhanced support requirements: Additional support and hosting services for more complex operational needs.

    Starter plan

    Your workspace will be automatically provisioned a free Starter plan license when you install or upgrade to Rocket.Chat version 6.5 or higher. This plan offers free access to almost all of our premium features, for limited usage. As your usage of Rocket.Chat expands, or if you're updating an already scaled workspace, your workspace will be automatically updated to a trial license so that you can continue your Rocket.Chat usage while you evaluate upgrading to one of our paid plans — Pro or Enterprise — or, alternatively, you can choose to switch back to our Community.

    Key features:

    • User capacity: Up to 25 users.

    • Monthly active contacts: Supports up to 100 omnichannel contacts.

    • Premium features: Comprehensive access to premium features, including read receipts and multiple queues.

    • Notifications & apps: Unlimited push notifications and a wide selection of apps.

    • Channel access: Full access to all channels, including WhatsApp (omnichannel).

    • Matrix federation: Complete Matrix federation support.

    Usage and scalability:

    • Ideal for smaller environments: Perfect for trial phases, small teams, or personal projects.

    • Flexible scaling options: Upgrade or adjust your usage if you exceed the Starter plan limits.

    • Open source commitment: The Community option remains steadfast for those preferring a free open-source solution.


    Rocket.Chat Community is a free open-source solution, self-hosted version of the Rocket.Chat platform.

    Key features:

    • Open source: Free to use, modify, and distribute, with source code available on GitHub.

    • Self-hosted: Allows hosting on your own servers for full data control and enhanced privacy.

    • Core chat features: Includes essential functionalities such as messaging, group chats, and file sharing.

    • Customization and integration: Offers options for customization and integration with various tools and services.

    • Community support: Supported by a community of users and developers, with resources available through forums and online guides.

    • Limitations: Advanced features and official support services are reserved for premium versions.

    Ideal for smaller teams and those with the capability to manage their IT infrastructure, Community is a versatile choice for organizations that prioritize the ownership and privacy of their conversations.

    Plan comparison and pricing

    For a detailed comparison of these plans, including specific features and pricing, please visit our pricing page.

    Rocket.Chat remains committed to evolving with the needs of the digital collaboration space. Our diverse range of plans ensures that organizations of all sizes have access to the tools they need for effective communication and collaboration.

    Our support team is readily available for the most current information or assistance.

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