Air-gapped Workspace Registration
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    Air-gapped Workspace Registration

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    After deploying your air-gapped workspace successfully, navigate to your workspace URL and continue with the following steps to register your workspace on Rocket.Chat Cloud:

    • Complete the Admin and Organization Information steps in the Rocket.Chat setup wizard.

    • Click the Register Offline button. It displays a token with some instructions to paste it in Rocket.Chat Cloud.

      Register Offline
    • Go to your Rocket.Chat Cloud account. Navigate to Workspaces and click Register self-managed. Click the Continue Offline button and paste the token displayed earlier from your workspace setup wizard.

    • Click Continue. Another code is generated on Rocket.Chat cloud to finalize your workspace registration. Copy that code and click Continue.

    • Go back to the Register Offline screen on your workspace setup wizard where the initial token was generated, agree to the Terms & Privacy Policy., then click Next.

    • Paste the code generated from Rocket.Chat Cloud and click Complete Registration.

    Once you've completed these steps, your workspace will be set up and ready to use. You can access it by logging in with your admin credentials. You can always update your setup information in workspace administration setup wizard.

    For workspaces that accessible through the internet, kindly visit setup wizard to set up your workspace.

    depreciated Register air-gapped workspaces on versions below 6.5

    To register a workspace on a version below 6.5 without internet access,

    • Navigate to Administration > Workspace > Settings > Setup Wizard > Cloud Info and enable Cloud Service Privacy Terms Agreement. Enabling it means you agree with the Terms & Privacy Policy.

    • Navigate to Administration > Workspace > Registration and click Register Offline.

    • Copy the code snippet that is displayed on the pop-up box.

    • Create an account or login into your Rocket.Chat Cloud portal.

    • Then, click on Register self-managed to register a new workspace.

    • Click Continue Offline if you are running an air-gapped workspace or your server has no internet connection.

    • Paste the code you copied earlier from Connectivity Services and click Continue.

    • You are provided with another code from the cloud portal. Copy the code and go back to your local workspace.

    • On your local workspace, paste the code you got from the cloud portal and click Finish Registration.

    With that done, you have successfully registered your workspace.

    Moving to the next section, we'll guide you on how to apply air-gapped license to your air-gapped workspace.

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