Rocket.Chat Setup Wizard

This guide will walk you through the process of setting up and configuring your Rocket.Chat workspace using the Setup Wizard. By the end of this guide, you'll be well-equipped to create, access, and manage your workspace effectively.

After deploying your workspace, access your workspace and follow these steps:

  • Admin Information: The first user to access the workspace is recognized as the workspace administrator. Fill in the required user information to create the admin account.

    • Full name: Set the first and last name.

    • Username: Specify the admin username.

    • Email: Enter your email.

    • Password: Create a password for the admin user.

    Click Next to continue.

  • Organization Information: This involves information about your organization. Update the following required information about your organization:

    • Organization name: Your organization name.

    • Organization industry: The industry your organization operates under.

    • Organization size: The size of the organization

    • Country: The country in which your organization is.

    Click Next to proceed to the third step.

  • Register Your Workspace: Add an admin email to register your workspace to Rocket.Chat Cloud or link the workspace to an existing Rocket.Chat Cloud account.

    • Agree to the Terms and Privacy Policy

    • Click Register workspace to proceed to the last step.

  • An email with a confirmation link is sent to the admin email you provided. Open the email and click Verify Registration to ensure the security codes match.

Once you've completed these steps, your workspace will be set up and ready to use. You can access it by logging in with your admin credentials. You can always update these setup information in Workspace Administration Setup Wizard.

Apply Trialsor subscribe to any of Rocket.Chat's premium plan to access our premium features on your workspace.

Information collected for registered workspaces

When registering your workspace, Rocket.Chat collects the following information about your workspace:

  • The workspace Id to help identify the workspace.

  • The organization's address.

  • Contact name for the workspace.

  • Contact email for the workspace.

  • The number of seats for the workspace.

  • The account name.

  • The organization type.

  • The industry that the organization belongs to.

  • The size of the organization.

  • The country of the organization.

  • Language set for the workspace.

  • Website of the organization.

  • Site name of the workspace.

  • The workspace type.

  • The deployment method used for the workspace.

  • The deployment platform.

  • The version of Rocket.Chat deployed.

As the workspace administrator, refer to Workspace Administration to learn more about managing your workspace. Now that your workspace is set and ready to use, proceed to Add new users or Invite users to your Rocket.Chat workspace. To learn more about using Rocket.Chat, see User Guides.

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