Rocket.Chat Setup Wizard

Administrator initial workspace configuration for Rocket.Chat server.
Rocket.Chat provides multiple Rocket.Chat Client Apps that can be used for the user interface.
The URL of your Rocket.Chat server may be a local host server URL or domain server URL, depending on how you deploy your workspace.

Adding Rocket.Chat server to Desktop Client

To add more servers to the Desktop client app, click the plus sign icon at the left of the navigation menu.

Accessing Rocket.Chat Using Browser

To access Rocket.Chat in a browser,
  • In the address bar, type in the URL for your Rocket.Chat server.

Setup Wizard

To launch your workspace, it is required to do a simple 4-step setup.
  • Admin Information: Fill in this information as it is needed to create the first user who automatically becomes an administrator of your Rocket.Chat workspace. The necessary information includes your name, username, organizational email, and password. Next, click on Continue to proceed to the organization's information setup.
  • Organization Information: This involves information about your organization. The required information about your organization includes the following:
    • The organization's name.
    • Its type.
    • The size of the organization.
    • The country in which your organization operates.
    • The industry your organization is linked to.
    • Your organization's website(if there is any).
    Next, click Continue to proceed to the third step, which concerns server information.
  • Server Info: The server Info form requires the site name and your preferred language. You can also select whether the server is private or public and, finally, choose to opt into two-factor authentication via email. Next, click Continue.
  • Register Your Server: You are asked to register your workspace to the Rocket.Chat Cloud or proceed with a standalone server. Registering your workspace is highly recommended, as you can enjoy numerous benefits, including the following:
Information collected for Registered workspaces
When registering your workspace, Rocket.Chat collects the following information about your workspace.
  • The workspace Id to help identify the workspace.
  • The organization's address.
  • Contact name for the workspace.
  • Contact email for the workspace.
  • The number of seats for the workspace.
  • The account name.
  • The organization type.
  • What industry the organization belongs to.
  • The size of the organization.
  • The country of the organization.
  • Language set for the workspace.
  • Website of the organization.
  • Site name of the workspace.
  • The workspace type.
  • The deployment method used for the workspace.
  • The deployment platform.
  • The version of Rocket.Chat deployed.
Your workspace is ready for use, and you can apply for an Enterprise Edition trial.

Register Workspace

  • Click on Register to access to continue. Check the box if you want to receive security updates.
  • Agree to the Terms and Privacy Policy of Rocket.Chat. Click continue.
  • Open up your email inbox and click verify registration. Confirm that the security codes match.
  • Confirm the registration and go back to your server.

Continue as Standalone

  • Click Continue as standalone.
  • Click Confirm.