Channel Actions
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    Channel Actions

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    This guide provides detailed instructions on the various Channel actions available within Rocket.Chat. Each icon in the Channel menu bar represents a specific function that helps you manage and interact within channels effectively according to your permissions.

    View or edit Channel information

    To view or edit Channel information,

    • Click the Channel Information icon from the menu bar to view more details about the Channel.

    • Click the Edit button to update the channel information and avatar.

      • Enable the Hide system messages option to hide system messages and select the messages you want to hide. For example, the User joined option hides the message displayed when a new user joins the channel.

      • Enable Allow Reacting to allow members to react to messages in a read-only channel.

      • To set an automatic pruning retention policy for the channel, visit Per-room policies.

    • Click the Delete button to delete the channel.

    • Click the kebab menu to explore additional actions, such as converting the channel to a Team, moving the channel to a Team, hiding the channel, or leaving the channel.

    • A channel owner can not leave a channel until they set someone else as the owner of that channel.

    • To unhide a channel, you may search for it in your Rocket.Chat workspace.

    • Alternatively, enter the command /part or /leave in the message input box to leave that channel.

    Other Channel actions

    In addition to editing a channel, you can perform various other actions in the menu bar to manage and interact within a channel effectively. These actions include the following:

    1. Threads: Click the threads icon to view and participate in threads. This keeps related messages organized and allows you to focus on the most relevant conversations in the Channel. You can filter threads between All, Following, and Unread.

    2. Discussions: Click the Discussion icon to view and search for discussions in this channel.

    3. Search: Refer to the Search Messages user guide.

    4. Mentions: Click the Mentions icon to view a list of all messages you've been mentioned in, ensuring you don't miss any important conversations.

    5. Members: Click the Members icon to view and manage the list of all channel members. For more information, refer to Manage Room Members.

    Click the kebab menu to access additional channel settings and actions, such as files, notification preferences, pruning, and export messages. For a detailed guide, refer to Room Actions.

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