Create a New Team
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    Create a New Team

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    To create a new team:

    • On the Rocket.Chat menu bar, click the Create New icon, then select Team.

    • Give the team a name and topic.

    • Add members to the team.

    • Select whether the team should be read-only.

    • Update your preferred privacy and encryption settings for the team.

    • Choose if the team should be a broadcast.

    • Then, click Create.

    A team name must not include space or any special character except dash (-) and underscore(_).

    Mark team as favorite

    All teams marked as favorites are listed at the top of the sidebar, making them easy to access.

    To mark a team as favorite,

    • At the top of the team screen, click the star icon next to the team name to mark that team as Favorite.

    • To remove a team from Favorites, click the star icon again.

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