LDAP Data Sync Settings
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    LDAP Data Sync Settings

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    After configuring the LDAP User Search, the next integral component in LDAP integration with Rocket.Chat is the LDAP Data Sync Settings. This feature ensures that user data in Rocket.Chat remains up-to-date with the information in your LDAP directory.

    Rocket.Chat provides the following configuration options for LDAP data sync:

    • Unique Identifier Field: The field that links the LDAP user and the Rocket.Chat user. You can include multiple values separated by a comma to get the value from the LDAP record. The default value is objectGUID,ibm-entryUUID,GUID,dominoUNID,nsuniqueId,uidNumber.

    • Merge Existing Users: Whether or not to merge existing users. When importing a user from LDAP and a user with the same username already exists, the new user data (including info and password) will merge into the existing data.

    • Update User Data on Login: Enable to update user data on login.

    • Update User Data on Login with OAuth services: Enable to update user data on login with OAuth services.

    • Default Domain: If provided, the default domain generates a unique email for users whose emails were not imported from LDAP. The mounting of the email will be username@default domain or unique id@default domain.


    • Sync User Avatar: Enable syncing the user's avatar.

    • User Avatar Field: The field used as an avatar for users. Leave blank to use thumbnailPhoto first and jpegPhoto as a fallback.


    Map the following fields from the LDAP directory to your workspace:

    • Username Field: The field that will be used as a username for new users. Leave empty to use the username informed on the login page. By default, the value is sAMAccountName. You can use template tags too, for example:

    • Email Field: The LDAP field binds the user's email.

    • Name Field: LDAP name for binding.

    Now you have successfully configured your LDAP integration! With these LDAP Data Sync Settings in place, Rocket.Chat ensures a high level of data integrity and consistency, reflecting real-time changes from the LDAP directory in the user's Rocket.Chat profile.

    For workspaces on any of the premium plans, there are additional settings for you to customize your data sync behavior described in the next topic.

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